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General Body
Safety 101
Fulfill Section Introductory Project 
Our recruitment period for the Spring 2024 semester has now closed.
For future prospective members: Check back at the beginning of next semester and follow our social media for announcements.

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  • First 1-2 months of each semester is our Recruitment Period.

  • The Recruitment Period starts off with a General Body Meeting​.

    • The GBM covers what we do and the process to join Rocket Project.

    • This GBM is a required initial step in joining.

  • There are TWO follow-up tasks to complete during the recruitment period:​

    1. Safety 101

      • Complete a short Safety 101 course. This is required!

      • Information will be distributed by our Chief Safety Officer.

      • A few items will require a filled out form or similar item to be returned; make sure to submit all required parts.

    2. Section Introductory Project

      • We have 6 sections in Rocket Project:
        Structures, Avionics, Manufacturing, Propulsions, Fluid Systems, and Icarus.​

      • You can sign up for as many sections as you would like. You are required to complete at least one intro project in order to join the team.

      • Each section will have a task designed to teach you the basics of what they do. This will help you determine which section you are interested in joining.​​

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