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Galactic Unite Scholarship

A unique and impactful scholarship offered to Rocket Project members from Future Astronaut Scott Borden awarding 10 Students $1600 and a mentor at Virgin Galactic! 

Congratulations to the 2018-2019 Scholars

Justin Femino:
"It is an honor to be awarded with this generous scholarship. I am looking forward to the opportunity to learn from and interact with my mentor"
Daniel Hillis:
"Thank you for providing the opportunity for professional networking at this early stage in our careers. Just knowing the right people can carry a large impact on where we go from here."
Chris Johnson:
"I am ecstatic to have a mentor from the Virgin Galactic United program to guide me and give advice I would otherwise not have access to, considering I am a first generation college student."
Alan Kassab:
"Thank you so much for providing this amazing opportunity, it is an honor to receive this generous scholarship. I am extremely excited to pair up with a mentor and gain some great insight into the field and be able to grow as a engineer."
Karl Parks:
"Thank you so much for providing the scholarship and mentorship opportunity to so many dedicated engineers. I am excited for the months ahead."
Joseph Randazzo:
"Thank you to Galactic-Unite Scholarship Team for the generous funding assistance and the opportunity to get a Professional Mentor."
Andrew Smith:
"Thank you for offering this scholarship to me, I am very appreciative of the support I will receive from this opportunity."
Michael Stromecki:
"Thank you for the honor and opportunity for this scholarship and mentorship. I am excited to connect with industry professionals in the field of my dreams who can help guide this first generation college graduate to a successful aerospace engineering career."
Laura Waid:
"I am excited and thankful to have the guidance and mentorship this upcoming year from Virgin Galactic. I truly appreciate the opportunity the Galactic Unite Scholarship will give me."
Brandt Walton:
"Thank you to Virgin Galactic Unite program for providing me with the opportunity to learn and grow from the knowledge and guidance that so many of these mentors possess, I’m excited beyond words to get started."
Cade Walton:
"I am excited for the things I can learn from someone who is both wiser and more experienced than myself. I cannot wait to meet my mentor and learn more about their path to becoming a Virgin Galactic engineer."
John Wiggins:
"I am beyond excited and blessed to have this opportunity to gain a mentor in a field I am so passionate about. Thank you so much for creating such a unique and valuable program for us students!"
Graduated Avionics Manager Christian Engelbrecht gets shout-out from Sir Richard Branson for being the first Galactic Unite Scholar to be hired at The Spaceship Company, as an Avionics Engineer! 

The Galactic Unite Borden scholarship is now in its 5th year!


Galactic Unite is a global initiative, driven by Virgin Galactic's community of Future Astronauts and the Virgin Group's not-for-profit Virgin Unite. Galactic Unite aims to inspire and support young people to seek answers to global challenges through advancing education in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and entrepreneurship.


Galactic Unite through the efforts of Virgin Galactic Future Astronaut Scott Borden has awarded a grant to SDSU Aerospace Engineering Department to support a scholarship program. The SDSU Aerospace Engineering Department will award ten $1600 scholarships in the 2019-2020 academic year to students interested and actively pursuing space exploration and transportation-related design or research projects.


Selected scholars will receive mentoring and have access to educational programs at Galactic Unite in partnership with Virgin Galactic.

The scholarship is offered to all members of SDSU Rocket Project that fill out and follow the application process.