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Current Launch Conditions
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© 2019 SDSU Rocket Project

Executive Board

President - Karl Parks

Karl oversees the entirety of Rocket Project. He facilitates and manages all members of Rocket Project in discussion, designing, manufacturing, testing, and operating our projects. He is a third year student at San Diego State University with a passion for science and mathematics. Karl has also been involved in the Associated Engineering Student Council (AESC) and Residential Education.


Vice President & CTO - Thomas Callahan

Thomas "Ryan" Callahan is in charge of the technical direction and development Rocket Project.  He is a fourth year Mechanical Engineering student and project member.


Treasurer - Jenna McGuigan

Jenna is the Treasurer for Rocket Project. She oversees all financials and sponsorship's for Rocket Project. She is currently a Senior at San Diego State University studying Physics. Jenna is also a part of the Social Media & Outreach team. Jenna is also the President of the Society of Physics Students and works part time at Orbital ATK. 


Secretary - John Wiggins

John is proud to be this years Secretary, working with the team to promote strong professionalism, efficient organization, and clear team communication. He is currently pursuing his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, minoring in Music. John has also been involved with SafeZone@SDSU, Aztec Racing, and SDSU Associated Students.


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Section Managers and Engineers

Senior Engineer - Christian Engelbrecht

Avionics is responsible for all data acquisition, telemetry and ground support.  As a section, avionics spans from hands-on electrical engineering to software development, using various commercial components (Raspberry Pi, Arduino, etc) and various systems developed in-house. Christian is a graduate student in Aersospace Engineering at San Diego state, with an undergraduate degree in Astrophysics.


Manufacturing Lead - Joseph Randazzo

Joseph Randazzo is the Manufacturing Manager and oversees the manufacturing section for rocket project.  He ensures all parts for the rocket are built to the highest standards.  This is Joseph’s third year with the SDSU Rocket Project. He has worked with various sections and materials in the past.  He has worked with the composites team to assist with the design and manufacture of the Fins, Fairings, Faring Molds and Body Tubes. 


Propulsions Manager - Jaymee Panian

Propulsions manager is responsible for overseeing the designing, testing, and analyzing of liquid rocket engines for both liquid bi-propellant rockets and monopropellant landers.


Public Relations Manager - Rachel Garcia

PR manager is responsible for handling all matters including, communication, public relations, marketing, community outreach, and event coordinating. Rachel is a fourth year student at SDSU, majoring in General Business with an emphasis in Public Relations.


Structures Manager - Levi Schlapfer

Structures is responsible for the main integrity of the launch vehicle and the distribution of propulsive and aerodynamic forces into the air-frame. It is mainly recognized for the design of the engine mounting and the sizing of tanks for our various projects and their particular design specifications. Levi is a third year Aerospace engineer minoring in astronomy with a passion to one day visit the stars.


Systems Manager - Brian Bowling

Brian oversees the design and assembly of respective team systems. He is a second year student at San Diego State University studying Mechanical Engineering with a passion in flight and physics.


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