Executive Board

President - John Wiggins

John is proud to be this years President, working with the team to promote strong professionalism, efficient organization, and clear team communication. He is currently pursuing his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, minoring in Music. John has also been involved with SafeZone@SDSU, Aztec Racing, and SDSU Associated Students.


Vice President & CTO - Daniel Hillis

Daniel Hillis is a Senior Aerospace Engineer who as CTO oversees all the technical decisions and operation of the team. He has been actively a part of the team since starting at SDSU, originally on Team Icarus where he assisted with the design Icarus I and II, specializing in the avionics and recovery systems.


Treasurer & Business Development Director - Christopher Johnson

Christopher “Chris” proudly serves as the Treasurer of Rocket Project. He is responsible for the financial management of all projects and sponsorship programs. He is a Computer Engineering student who originally specialized in Avionics with the team, working on the development of the ACS system, HEART Weather Balloon, and future machine learning research and development challenges.


Secretary - Paul Fuerte

Paul serves as the secretary of the team, managing the communication, paperwork, travel documentation, and outreach event coordination. He is a junior Aerospace Engineering student who originally started with the team as a structures engineer.


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Section Managers and Engineers

Icarus Project Manager - Michael Stromecki

Michael is a hard working student engineer, working on a high-altitude solid rocketry attempt as a team lead. He went back to school after a few interesting, fun and rewarding years of HVAC/R technician work to pursue a career at a higher level.


Chief Safety Officer - Joseph Randazzo

As Chief Safety Officer it is Joseph's job to ensure all aspects of the team are performed in a safe manner. This includes training Individuals for Varying Tasks, particularly those related to Manufacturing and Testing. Joseph also reviews any incidents that occur in order to help prevent them from reoccurring in the future.


Avonics Manager - Cade Walton

Cade is a junior Electrical Engineering major who has been involved with the team since his freshman year. He has led the avionics development of Lady Elizabeth, the ESB 3.0, and a variety of other innovative avionics challenges. Many of these challenges have developed his skills in Python and C programming, PCB design and development, and circuit design.


Propulsions Manager - Eric Ralls

Eric is an aerospace engineering undergraduate student who has been a member of rocket project for two years. His main areas of focus have been related to rocket propulsion, control systems, and turbomachinery.


Manufacturing Manager - Angel De La Cruz

Angel is a sophomore Aerospace Engineering student who proudly serves as the manufacturing manager on the team. As manufacturing manager, she is in charge of operating and teaching students how to safely use the variety of machining techniques necessary for the assembly of our projects.


Structures Manager - Andrew Smith

Andrew (Andy) Smith is a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering student, and is the 2018-2019 Structure's Manager for SDSU Rocket Project. Andy is participating in is 2nd year with Rocket Project, and plans on being an active member until he graduates. Andy plans on pursing a career in the aerospace industry upon graduation.


Fluid Systems Manager - Justin Femino

Justin is a junior studying Aerospace engineering. He is responsible for the design and assembly of the fluid system components on our rocket. He has a passion for space exploration.


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